Sunday Feb 3rd, 2019 @ 7:00 PM

Open Mike – featured artist Matt Filer

no reservations required
Ticket Price: $3.50


Our award-winning Open Mike features a grab bag of regional talent, with the occasional surprise guest. During each set, you may hear anything from guitar pickers and budding singer-songwriters to pianists, fiddlers, comedians, poets, and storytellers. A set is often 3 songs/15 minutes; with larger attendance on any given night, it may be adjusted to 2 songs/10 minutes.


It’s true, many a notable act started here, including our own John Gorka, Dave Fry, and Dina Hall. Watch history in the making! 


Our guest hosts are all involved in our Open Mike community, for an opportunity to be a part of the evening’s process as emcee. Featured Artists are chosen by our artistic committee, scheduled ahead of time and listed on the Godfrey’s web site.


Like all of Godfrey’s other events, our Open Mike is staffed completely by volunteers. Because Godfrey’s is a listening room, there are none of the distractions that you find in a bar or a coffeehouse. Everyone is here to listen. It is a community of artists who share the love of music. It is a community for networking with others.  


Godfrey’s Open Mike is uniquely suited to provide opportunities which you won’t find anywhere else:  As part of the community, you may be invited to perform as one of our home-grown artists on various community stages. You are seen and heard by members of a selection committee who may ask you to be an opening act for a national touring artist.


Besides all that, the best benefits are the friendships and the nurturing place to grow and explore your music.    


Godfrey’s Open Mike takes place on the first and third, and occasional fifth Sundays of the month. We start with a scrabble tile grab at 7:00 to determine performance order. Late arrivals are added to the end of the list. There is a $3.50 cover charge, which includes 50 cents off food or beverage.


One of the persistent joys of Godfrey Daniels is the vibrant creative community that has supported our Open Mike over 40 years. The musicians that take to our humble stage on a Sunday night feel the rich heritage left by so many songwriters, poets and troubadours from the past, and, in turn, raise their own artistic bar. 


That legacy is a powerful driving force to bring out our best songs, or test-drive some new material in a safe, caring space. I know we all delight in witnessing the tremendous growth of performance skills, songwriting chops and stage cool of all of our friends. Godfrey’s Open Mike is a tremendously rare and beautiful event in our competitive and segmented culture.


So, let’s continue to celebrate this musical gem in our own folk community: Grab a scrabble tile and play a little music yourself.


See you on Sunday!  – Dave Fry



The Godfrey Daniels Open Mike Collection – Vol. 2 

is now on sale, at any show. 

Listen to the entire album on SoundCloud. 

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