Friday Apr 14th, 2023 @ 08:00 PM

Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel with our guest, Jack Murray

Ticket Price: $18.50; $23.50


Godfrey’s welcomes Anana & Irakli for their debut on our stage!

Anana Kaye & and Irakli Gabriel have created a quirky fusion of ambient rock, Americana, and neo-folk that has been said to feel like “the soundtrack to Alice’s adventures in Wonderland that never came to an end.”

Originally from The Republic of Georgia, Anana and Irakli have called Nashville home for the past three years. The phenomenon that has arisen as a result of their arrival is a dreamscape of sound, visuals, and enigmatic beauty like the city has never seen.

Anana – who fronts the band and plays keys – has a voice of ethereal madness that soothes as much as it electrifies. She manages to fill the room with an operatic resonance with seemingly no effort whatsoever, and it’s something you need to experience live to truly grasp its majesty.

“It’s as if Nick Cave and Norah Jones fused together in the midst of a symphonic earthquake and struck you across the face with a fistful of mercy. ” – Luke Holden, Mundane

Irakli, regularly occupying the right side of the stage, plays guitar and distinguishes himself invaluably as one of the primary writers and videographers of their music/media.

The two became good friends and collaborators with the late David Olney and worked on a new album with him before his passing.

“We first met David at Vinyl Tap in East Nashville a few years back,” Irakli recalled. “We were blown away by his songs. He first asked us to work on some of his videos, but it turned into a wonderful relationship after we started writing music together.” 

Olney died the day they finished work on their upcoming record, ‘Whispers and Sighs’, which is set for release sometime this year. Despite the loss, the couple managed to parcel a piece of his legacy in their music. 


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Pennsylvania Council of the Arts