Sunday Aug 11th, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

GODFREY DANIELS DAY AT MUSIKFEST – Featuring Todd Albright, Heather Pierson Duo, Sloan Wainwright, Big Lazy, and Danielia Cotton – AND OUR ANNUAL MARTIN GUITAR RAFFLE WINNER DRAW!

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Join us on Sunday, August 11 for a full day of music on the LAST DAY of Musikfest 2024 curated by Godfrey Daniels in the Sun Inn Courtyard aka “IBEW Local 375 Liederplatz“! We’ll hear some great tunes, and be drawing the winner of our Annual Martin Guitar Raffle!


Todd Albright is a country blues, twelve-string guitar player and vocalist based in Detroit, Michigan. Grounded in the pre-war era of the blues tradition (1880-1939), Todd is a mindful purveyor of blues history. His repertoire upholds musical pillars such as Blind Willie McTell, George Carter, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Leadbelly. His life’s work continues the distinguished tradition of the very roots of American music as told by the African American musicians who created it. 

Todd’s vigorous, gritty and soulful performances are accompanied by stories of the masters and a deep intuitive sense of respect for craft, providing audiences with a meaningful experience while creating a transcendent moment. One of the top blues guitarists in the world, Todd is the only contemporary twelve-string player in his genre.

Todd began playing the blues while still a teenager, some twenty-five years ago. Initially, he was drawn to the sound of the finger-picked style and has since immersed himself in the foundational music and narratives of American culture. Over the years, Todd has shared the stage with artists such as Roy Book Binder, Charlie Parr, Paul Geremia, and Dakota Dave Hull. 

Todd’s first full-length LP, Fourth Floor Visitor, was released by Jett Plastic Recordings out of Detroit, Michigan (2017). His latest album, Detroit Twelve String: Blues & Rags, is out now on Third Man Records (2017). 


Heather Pierson is a highly skilled pianist, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and performer renowned for her captivating live shows and a vast repertoire spanning Americana, blues, New Orleans jazz, vocal chants, and folk. With a career that spans over two decades on her own label, Vessel Recordings, she has released fourteen albums and numerous singles of original music. Heather’s musical journey began in Missouri, where she was exposed to a diverse range of music, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. After years of classical piano training, she ventured into improvisation and explored various genres through different bands and solo projects.

Despite facing personal challenges and a period of artistic dormancy, Heather reemerged with renewed vigor, releasing critically acclaimed albums like “Make It Mine,” “The Open Road,” and “Motherless Child.” Her work with The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio and the community singing project, Heart Songs & Circle Songs, brought her national recognition and chart-topping success. Heather’s artistry continues to evolve, now performing with her current trio that blends New Orleans jazz and Oscar Brubeck piano leanings. Beyond her performances, she shares her improvisational piano music for mindfulness and relaxation through the Piano Peace project. Heather Pierson’s dedication to music and her desire to connect with audiences remains unwavering as she continues to enrich lives one song at a time.


Sloan Wainwright is a songwriter, singer, performer, teacher, mentor and collaborator. A unique hybrid of pop, folk, jazz and blues, Wainwright’s music is unified by her melodious tone and rich, powerful contralto. Over the course of a 30-year career in music, she has played the great concert halls, the most storied listening rooms and top music festivals while also teaching at the nation’s leading music retreats. She has inspired hundreds of students on their creative journeys and collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, choreographers and performers.  

Most of all, Wainwright is an artist. As a member of an acclaimed family of artists (brother Loudon Wainwright, sister-in-law Kate McGarrigle, nephew Rufus Wainwright and nieces Martha Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright Roche), Wainwright has charted an artistic path all her own, one based in close observation, joy, and spiritual connection.   

Now, standing on the foundation of a rich and diverse career, Wainwright is tapping into fresh material as she continues to provide transformative, healing, and energetic experiences for her audiences. Always looking to grow as an artist, these days Wainwright is pursuing new collaborative partnerships, exploring traditional music, and developing fresh avenues for teaching and mentorship.  

4:30-6PM • BIG LAZY

Big Lazy, the elegantly gritty instrumental trio led by the extraordinary guitarist Stephen Ulrich…The band, which was formerly known as Lazy Boy and recently lost a long-running battle with the La-Z-Boy corporation over its name, plays stunningly beautiful music that evokes everything from truckers’ romps to the haunting film scores of Bernard Hermann.”                 – The New Yorker

Big Lazy has flourished for over two decades in New York’s downtown music scene, playing their singular brand of noir and twang from dive bars to the The Whitney Museum of American Art. Big Lazy founder Stephen Ulrich is the composer for the HBO series Bored to Death and the art forgery documentary Art and Craft.

Simultaneously noir and pastoral, gothic and modern, Big Lazy’s music conjures images from big sky country to seedy back rooms with deftness and a cinematic clarity. With sparse instrumentation – electric guitar, acoustic bass and drums – the trio forges American music from archetypes in Blues, Jazz, Surf, and Rockabilly.

Dear Trouble features NYC luminaries Marc Ribot, Steven Bernstein, Peter Hess (Philip Glass ensemble) and Marlysse Rose Simmons (Miramar). With a nod toward classic guitar instrumentals­, the new album captures the essence of the trio’s legendary live shows.


Danielia Cotton is a New York City-based singer/songwriter originally from Hopewell, NJ. In 2010 Danielia was named Lilith Fair’s Ourstage Local Talent Winner for NYC. Since then she has shared the stage with the likes of Robert Cray, Bon Jovi, and Gregg Allman.  In the review of her Rare Child album The NY Times says this: “She’s a belter who can hold back or work her way up to a gospelly blues-rock shout, and in the songs she writes with her band’s brawny guitar riffs, she grapples with the road, salvation, holding on and letting go. “The truth will set you free, but it always feels like it tears you apart,” she sings. “She’s a throwback, but a gutsy one.” Her latest studio album Good Day is out now where music is sold! 

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