Thursday Jun 17th, 2021 @ 07:00 PM

Grace Pettis

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Singer-Songwriter Grace Pettis will perform a live virtual concert and chat Thursday, June 17th at 7 p.m. as part of the Positively Godfrey Daniels~Live from Godfrey Daniels series. Grace will offer selections from her brand-new CD, “Working Woman.”
As a singer, her voice has ben described as both powerful and beautiful, and she uses it like a fine arts painter to color and craft her songs. American Songwriter Magazine wrote: “As a decorated songwriter, Pettis blurs the lines between country, Americana and folk. Her soulful delivery of calculated lyric lines helps her tell stories for all generations.” Her songs have been recorded by many esteemed artists, including Sara Hickman and Ruthie Foster. Grace explains, “The songs that ring the truest often come from my own feelings and memories. People need upbeat songs they can dance to, but they need sad songs, too. Hard songs. The songs that are the hardest and most painful to write seem to be the most healing. I write from wherever I happen to be. If I’m happy, I write a happy song. If I’m sad, I write a sad song. If the world is on fire, so are my songs.”
Grace has performed on the Godfrey’s stage (along with Rebecca Loebe and BettySoo), as the Americana/folk-pop trio Nobody’s Girl.

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