Sunday Apr 21st, 2024 @ 02:00 PM

Rainbow Emma | Jelly Bean Jam – Songs & Stories for All Ages Family Series

Ticket Price: $5.50 | Free for Children 5 and Under


Rainbow Emma is a versatile artist based in Bethlehem, PA, blending her talents as a children’s musician, geek musician, children’s librarian, TYA (Theater for Young Audiences) playwright, and homeschooling mom. Primarily strumming the ukulele while also experimenting with piano and autoharp, she’s known for her dynamic performances that captivate audiences of all ages.

Before the pandemic, Emma drew crowds of 45-60 children to her engaging storytimes at the Wellesley Free Library. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, she ingeniously adapted 118 rhyming picture books into delightful songs, ensuring that virtual storytime remained a cherished experience for young listeners.

Beyond her work in children’s music and library services, Emma’s passion for geek culture shines through in her performances at conventions and geeky venues across the nation. Her diverse background includes stints in children’s theater, where she excelled as a storyteller, teacher, writer, and actress before pursuing her MLIS degree.

With a unique blend of creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication, Rainbow Emma continues to inspire and entertain audiences while nurturing a love for music, literature, and storytelling in children everywhere.

Check out her YouTube Channel:

Get ready for a delightful family experience as the “Jelly Bean Jam – Songs & Stories for All Ages” series makes its much-anticipated return to Godfrey Daniels. Kids and their families are invited each month on a Sunday afternoon to immerse themselves with different visiting artists for performances of music, dance, puppetry, storytelling, and other creative arts within the cozy confines of Godfrey Daniels – the legendary music listening room in South Bethlehem.

Sponsored by JustBorn Quality Confections, this heartwarming family series is designed to bring joy and sweetness into the lives of families. Come be a part of the fun and create lasting memories with your littles.

Relaxed cozy atmosphere, with hot drinks, cookies, and fizzy drinks at the snack bar with prices from fifty cents to four dollars, so bring your small change. BYOM Venue (Bring Your Own Milk…) 😁 We will also have a quiet-down corner in the lobby with crayons and paper for anyone needing a break.

Jelly Bean Jam Series is sponsored by JustBorn Quality Confections

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