Saturday Apr 6th, 2024 @ 04:00 PM

Muses at the Icehouse – A Biannual Mini-Music Festival Celebration of Music Of the Women, By the Women, and For Everyone at the Charles A. Brown Ice House

Ticket Price: $45.00 ADVANCE | $50.00 DAY OF SHOW


Muses at the Ice House

Featured Performers

Abbie Gardner – Folky Bluegrass Steel Dobro Guitar/singing •

Danielia Cotton – Blues/Rock Singer-Songwriter •

Jessica Smucker – Indie-Folk Piano/Singer-Songwriter •

Kathy Moser – Indie-Folk/Singer-Songwriter •

Danni Nicholls – Touring United Kingdom Americana Artist •

Prepare to be swept off your feet!

Presenting our biannual female-centered mini-music festival featuring five notable artists who are set to mesmerize you with their remarkable performances!

Our featured performers this year are Abbie Gardner, Danielia Cotton, Jessica Smucker, Kathy Moser, and Danni Nicholls. This event is all about creating unforgettable memories, sharing the love for music, and bringing the community together in a harmonious celebration! The Muses at the Ice House is more than a music festival; it’s a gathering of kindred spirits celebrating the power of music and the boundless potential of female artists. Join us for an April spring evening of harmony, inspiration, and community.

Abbie Gardner – Folky Bluegrass Steel Dobro Guitar/singing •

Abbie Gardner is a fiery dobro player with an infectious smile. Whether performing solo or with Americana harmony trio Red Molly, her acclaimed tales of love and loss, both gritty and sweet, are propelled by her impeccable lap-style slide guitar playing. Solo performances feature the dobro as a solo instrument, bouncing between a solid rhythmic backbone and ripping lead lines, all in support of her voice and songs. Her latest recording DobroSinger hit #11 on the Billboard Blues Chart. It’s intimate, real, and raw – her dobro and voice recorded at the same time at home, without a band or any studio tricks to hide behind. You can hear every breath, every chuckle as if you are in the room with her.

“Not only a first-rate Dobro player, but a songwriter to be reckoned with.” –John Platt, WFUV

Danielia Cotton – Blues/Rock Singer-Songwriter •

Danielia Cotton is a New York City-based singer/songwriter originally from Hopewell, NJ. In 2010 Danielia was named Lilith Fair’s Ourstage Local Talent Winner for NYC.

Since then she has shared the stage with the likes of Robert Cray, Bon Jovi, and Gregg Allman. In the review of her Rare Child album The NY Times says this: “She’s a belter who can hold back or work her way up to a gospelly blues-rock shout, and in the songs she writes with her band’s brawny guitar riffs, she grapples with the road, salvation, holding on and letting go. “The truth will set you free, but it always feels like it tears you apart,” she sings. “She’s a throwback, but a gutsy one.” Her latest studio album Good Day is out now where music is sold!

• Jessica Smucker – Indie-Folk Piano/Singer-Songwriter •

Jessica Smucker believes that the best way to change the world is to channel our pain into connection. Her songs have a way of reaching deeply into people’s souls and inviting the kind of reflection that feels both reassuring and unsettling. Wrapped in catchy melodies, her lyrics appear simple and relatable on the surface, but each listen will uncover more hidden pockets of nuance. She’s the kind of writer and performer who can lull a noisy room into a hush with a single line.

Jessica has won or placed in several national songwriting contests, including SolarFest’s Singer/Songwriter Showcase Competition, the Connecticut Folk Festival Song Competition, and the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. In her life beyond music, Jessica is a published poet and essayist, a social justice warrior, a freakishly good Scrabble player, and mother to two of the smartest people she’s ever met in real life!

Kathy Moser – Indie-Folk/Singer-Songwriter •

Kathy Moser has been in love with music and Planet Earth as long as she can remember. Her introduction to folk happened at Girl Scout camp, which led her to the coffeehouse scene. Distressed by her inability to play guitar while sitting on that ubiquitous four-legged stool found on every folk stage, she wandered over for a record or two into something looking a little more like rock. But realizing she missed her tribe, she wandered back to her acoustic roots with a guitar strap and never looked back. An award-winning songwriter, engaging performer, and passionate environmentalist, Kathy is dedicated to bringing positive change to the world through music both on and off stage. Mary Sue Twohy, program director on Sirius XM says Music for a better world is an accurate description of Kathy Moser’s music. Listen for hints of Suzanne Vega and a solid Woody Guthrie heartbeat.

Danni Nicholls – Touring United Kingdom Americana Artist •

Hailing from the ancient market town of Bedford, England, growing up on the American roots music of her Anglo-Indian grandmother’s record collection, singer/songwriter Danni Nicholls has been paving her way in UK Americana for over a decade, building a loyal fan base and much critical praise. Having recently been granted a three-year visa to live and work in the USA, newly based out of Nashville TN, she intends to do the same stateside touring and creating her fourth full-length studio album.

With comparisons to artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Brandi Carlile and Roseanne Cash, Danni’s vibrant, captivating performances are all but guaranteed to melt your heart into the soles of your boots. Her passionate delivery, captivating voice, mesmerizing guitar skills and charmingly engaging between-song banter compel you to fall under her spell.

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