Friday Jun 28th, 2024 @ 08:00 PM

The StiffTones – Hearse Traveling Bards bringing Bakersfield Country, Punk, and a Healthy Dose of Good ol’ Rock n’ Roll

Ticket Price: $20.50 ADVANCE | $25.50 DAY OF SHOW


The Stifftones is a band whose sound is a unique fusion of influences, blending the essence of Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones into something entirely their own. Hailing from the heartland, their music embodies a captivating mix of Midwest meets Bakersfield country, Inland Empire-inspired Punk, East Coast flair, and a healthy dose of good ol’ Rock and Roll, all wrapped in a spellbinding aura.

Describing themselves as real-life traveling bards, The Stifftones are led by Shaun and Rachel Stief, a dynamic duo who embarked on a bold adventure after their children flew the nest. With Rachel’s background as a registered nurse of two decades and their shared experience of raising five daughters, they decided to embrace a new chapter of their lives. 

As Gen X’ers shaped by the likes of Sesame Street, nuclear drills, and Saturday Night Live, they made a radical choice: giving away their possessions, purchasing a 1996 Cadillac Hearse named Tania, and hitting the road with their trusty canine companions.

For over four years and spanning more than 100,000 miles, The Stifftones have journeyed from coast to coast, north to south, leaving their mark on stages in countless cities across the nation. Through their tireless touring, they’ve honed their sound, cultivated their brand, and welcomed new members into their extended family. Their music carries the scent of the wind, dust, sun, and moon, weaving tales and gypsy’s warnings into melodies that resonate with audiences far and wide.

Join The Stifftones on a rock n’ roll devival unlike any other, where American music’s spirit thrives, and storytelling’s magic comes alive through the power of song.

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