Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are the backbone of Godfrey’s daily activity; from setting up, to tearing down each and every event, the volunteers make it happen. One of the most important things for volunteers to remember is that they represent Godfrey’s to our audience. A warm smile and a friendly gesture are essential in creating that special atmosphere we’ve all come to know and love here at Godfrey’s.


How do I get involved?

First, if you have not done so already, complete the volunteer sign-up form on this page. The information from the sign-up form is used to track each volunteer’s event activity for volunteer incentives and recognition. There are various volunteer positions. You may sign up immediately for counter, seating, cleanup, and performer product sales without any advance training. However, the cashier, soundboard and emcee positions do require experience and/or advance training. Workshops for these positions are scheduled periodically. Basic job descriptions for some of the positions are as follows:


• Seating

• Refreshment Counter

• Emcee

• Performer Merch sales

• Clean-up


How do I sign up for performances?

You may sign up yourself, you may call Godfrey’s to leave a message, or one of our coordinators might email or call you. 


What time should I be at Godfrey’s to work a show?

The standard time is one and one-half hours prior to show time. If this is not possible, please be kind enough to let us know; leave a message on the voicemail for one of the event coordinators.


Hope to see you there!


For more information, or if you are a registered volunteer who would like to sign up for a concert, please contact us at Volunteers@godfreydaniels.org.


For questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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